Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ernie Land Challenges Common Law Theorists And Others To Make Kent Hovind A Test Case

I only just met Ernie Land, but I found that we had quite a bit in common.  We are roughly the same age and when we discussed the best way to run a religious based not-for-profit, we agreed that it should be in compliance with all applicable tax laws as they are commonly understood.  Ernie didn't always think that way, but among other things, he has seen the damage that any other course can do to a person or a family as he has witnessed the fate of his friend Kent Hovind who has spent many years in federal prison and who is facing a new charge.

If you spend some time on the internet you will find that there are many theories as to why the common belief that most people in this country who work and earn beyond an insubstantial amount of income are required to file income tax returns are mistaken.  Irwin Schiff has a fairly elaborate explanation that shows how most of us are deceived into filing tax returns that are not really required.  Like Kent Hovind, Irwin Schiff is in federal prison.

Here is where Ernie and I differ,  Ernie believes that at least some of those people are right, that there are ways in which our government is fundamentally invalid.  He urges compliance merely as a practical matter.  I have yet to find an argument of the Schiff variety at all persuasive and it is not for lack of understanding or study.

Kent Hovind has been talking to a lot of people lately and has been making the argument that the crime of structuring that he was convicted of (systematically dealing in amounts of cash less than $10,000 to avoid reporting requirements) were really motivated to silence him in his quest to show that evolution is bad science.  My inference is that the reason Kent got in so much trouble on the structuring was related to the other counts of his indictment that involved paying the employees at a Dinosaur theme park in cash and referring to them as "missionaries" rather than withholding taxes and filing the appropriate forms.  Ernie agrees that it was a bad idea for Kent to do that, but still believes that the federals government's prosecution of Kent has a religious basis.

Ernie runs Kent's legal defense fund.  He is also trying to mobilize support for Kent.  He is putting out a challenge to people who have alternative views about the legitimacy of the government to use Kent Hovind's case as a showcase for their theories.  Here is what he wrote me that I am reprinting with his permission.

I want to begin by making a statement about any of the subjects of the entrapment of the Church with Corporations, the enslavement of free men with, strawman, 14th amendment citizens, birth certificate/dealer origin title, free State citizen vs. U.S. citizen, admiralty law vs common Constitutional law, the gold fringe flag ,the know your customer banking regulation, the health care chip, evolution vs creation, the government brain washing in school systems, or most of the other conspiracies of government which are all tied into the wealthy, such as the Kennedy assassination
and the immediate dissolution of taking our US Treasury back, the secret societies such as Knights cavalier even dating back to Nimrod, which all tie in to Satan’s dominion and his well planned work. These subjects however are so well planned and thought out that the sheep in the world will not put the time and effort into learning the truth, so 99% of the public blindly go about disputing the mountain of facts and circumstantial evidence, so they do not have to dig in and learn the facts for themselves. So yes, I believe these conspiracies have so much fact and circumstantial evidence proving them for someone with education or knowledge to sincerely believe them.

Now for the patriots, for the freemen, for the Liberty Alliances out there, Kent Hovind’s case is a perfect opportunity for any of them to prove their theories in Court will be practical and actually work. With Kent’s worldwide notoriety here lies great opportunity to prove common law, Bill of Rights, and the U.S Constitution is still the highest law of this land. Provide me some documents with proper arguments to file in Federal Court that will prove the facts. Kent stood before a Magistrate at the U.S. Federal Court on  7/13/2006 where a sealed (unconstitutional secret grand jury) indictment was issued against, KENT HOVIND, they claim aka Kent Hovind, in case number 3:06-CR-00083-MCR-CMT and asked to enter a plea in which Kent enter the plea, “”Subordination of False Muster”, the Magistrate, acting in my opinion under color of law, responded, “I will not take that plea and will enter a plea of not guilty.” Kent responded, “I object.” The Magistrate responded, “Overruled, I am entering a plea of not guilty.” Kent said, “I take exception.” The Magistrate responded, “Overruled.” And then moved to enter a not guilty plea on record.

So here is the chance for someone out there to prove their common law theories by providing proper documents to set this case straight and have the magistrates, judges and agents removed.

I take no copyright on this message and anyone can post this challenge where ever they wish.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,
Ernie Land

So if you have an alternative theory that you have been longing to test, you may want to consider taking up Ernie's challenge.  Myself I would rather see Kent Hovind admit that it was a really bad idea to not be scrupulous in his tax compliance, but that's just me.

Here is a contact form if you want to contact Ernie.


For some background on Kent Hovind and his tax woes, you can check out this coverage recap.  You may also want to check out the coverage at quatloosBob Baty's facebook pageKent Hovind's 2 Peter 3 and the Kent Hovind wikipedia entry which is quite thorough and well sourced, even though I get dissed on the talk page.


  1. I find it interesting that Kent's legal defense fund is getting off to what appears to be a very slow start.

    Ernie doesn't even have a contribution identified.

    Ernie, what is with that and what is really going on behind the scenes as far as getting Hovind some mental health help and legal assistance?

    1. Robert,

      Someone made a contribution of $1,000 in the second week of the fund commencing. As it wasn't me perhaps it was Ernie.

    2. That $1,000 was reported to be from Scott Shirey, who I checked out and he seems to NOT be Ernie Land.

  2. Also, it strikes me that Ernie's challenge vindicates my speculation that Kent and his people don't really want to get Kent out of prison; they want to showcase their sovereign citizen wares win or lose, and they do lose on the merits of those arguments.

    They win if judged by the amount of waste and abuse of our legal system they can affect.

    If they want to get serious about getting Kent out sooner rather than later, they need to start pressuring Kent to repent and try to make a deal or at least come clean and "fall upon the mercy of the Court".

    I'm still convinced that Kent could use a mental evaluation. In his latest interviews he appears out of touch with reality and symptomatic of, at a minimum, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  3. Hovind isn't being prosecuted because of his laughably ignorant views on evolution.
    He's being prosecuted because he's a criminal.


    Proposition for Discussion

    Withdrawing less than $10,000 in a single transaction
    with the intent to evade bank reporting requirements
    is a violation of the law and regulations and was at
    the time of the Hovind withdrawals in question and
    was the legal standard used to convict Kent Hovind
    of “structuring”.

    Robert Baty - Affirm
    Latest Date Affirmed - Friday, November 28, 2014

    Kent Hovind - Deny
    Latest Date Denied - Thursday, November 27, 2014


    Let Kent's supporters seek high and low and find themselves a champion to come out to me for an open, honest, reasoned and reasonable discussion of the above proposition and the "structuring" issue which forms an important part of the Hovind cases.

    Let Kent even agree to come out to me if you can.

    Upon the finding of a champion to represent Kent's denial or Kent's agreement to come out to me, we can begin the negotiations as to how to produce the proposed discussion so as to maximize its usefulness in the context of Kent's "evolving" legal problems.

    Robert Baty


  5. Surely it's "Subornation of False Muster"?