Sunday, March 1, 2015

Off-Topic: Tell Your Stalker Story

Have you been stalked or stalked  someone? We want your stories!

Have you ever been stalked on the internet or in real life? Has a Tinder date gone too far? Someone liked your Bandcamp just a little *too* much? Or maybe you were the culprit, it started out as clicking through someone's old facebook pictures and spiraled into something more.

We’re collecting stories about stalking and internet stalking for a podcast dedicated to the weirder and shittier parts of human nature. If you've been stalked, stalked someone, have been accused of stalking, or just plain been obsessed, send us an email - Stories will be totally anonymous, and you can either send text or record them via Vocaroo.

The topic is broad on purpose. You can send us any story involving being stalked or stalking someone. You can also send us tales of Facebook stalking or moments where the internet made you feel creepy. 

1 comment:

  1. Peter Reilly, i knew you and your IRS buddy Robert Baty were a creepy stalking wierdo's!