Monday, April 6, 2015

Real Timing Appomattox During Tax Season

So for the first time in over thirty years I'm playing major hooky in tax season.  I'm hitting the road tomorrow to head to Appomattox.  The famous conference between Grant and Lee took place on the ninth and the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia was spread over the next three days.  The 12th was the big day when the infantry stacked arms.

This will be my fourth real time sesquicentennial event and I am going to try to do some live blogging.  We'll see how it goes.  Here is a round-up of my previous real time coverage.


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At Antietam I ran into some guys who called themselves real timers.  They were trying to be at as many key events as possible and were swapping stories about Bull Run.  I did not run into any of them at Chancellorsville, where frankly I was not really real time or Gettysburg, which I covered about as well as is humanly possible.  They must have all been at Vicksburg.

Anyway, my covivant concluded that I am actually the only real timer, but I'm sure its not true.

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