Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live Blogging Election Night

We went to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester to watch the results.  First discussion was what station to watch.  I was for Fox since I thought we might learn more. Not a lot of enthusiasm for that, but we switched there during MSNBC commercial. Bill O'Reilly on now, but consensus is not Fox.  Now we are on MSNBC,

Seven of us at 8:25.

Ancestry.com commercial.

One of the guys looking at his phone says 311 electoral votes for Hillary.

Lots of commercial.

Trump just took Alabama.

It is Hillary 75 to Trump 72.  Florida is too close to call.

GOP will remain in control of the House.

We can't get the closed captions turned off.  I hate TV remotes.

Bob Baty messaged me to keep an eye on the Conecuh county Commissioner race.  You have to be a Hovindologist to get that one.

Florida close.

Red America is getting redder.  Blue America is getting blue.

Still struggling with closed captions "Television is becoming exponentially  more complicated"

Trump ahead 14 million to 12 million - "Oh my God"

"Are people insane ?"

Michigan going for Trump

Closed captions finally gone at 8:50

Commercials muted.

"It should be a landslide for Clinton"

"I think Clinton is going to win, but this is nauseating to watch"

"If somebody like Jeb Bush was running I'd be worried, but Trump is horrifying"

Florida in the balance. Trump has lead.  Miami versus Panhandle.  Could be Hovinidcators moving to Alabama might be hurting Trump.


Texas and Kansas Louisiana Nebraska to Trump Dakotas Wyoming

Clinton New York

Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia - Too close

Trump 137 Clinton 104 at 9:03

McCain reelected

We bailed out of the church around 10:00.

I'm in the basement office now.

10:30 and Clinton has Virginia

The funny thing is that the coverage makes it sound like something is happened, but really it is just counting. It's like Candyland where the game is determined after you shuffle.

Right now they are blaming the Comey letter.

Now it is white voters without college degrees.

Shutting down at 11:12.

The sun will come up tomorrow.

Peter J Reilly CPA is not very good at live blogging.

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