Saturday, September 1, 2018

Lafayette At The Rider Tavern Septermber 1 - Live Blogging

Today we commemorate Lafayette's Farewell Tour specifically his stop at the Rider Tavern in Charlton.  I'll be live blogging as time permits.

11:50 Earlier this morning was at Sturbridge Host with American Friends of Lafayette who are now at the Worcester Art Museum checking out its Lafayette collection.  Evie and I hosted Julien Icher who is documenting the trail last night.

Arrived at Rider Tavern around 10:00 AM final arrangements with Frank Morrill.  Chairs and podium in the militia field and weather looks promising.

Film crew started coming in a half an hour ago and are setting up.

Frank is back on the scene.

Looking good.


Evie reports AFL done at museum and heading to lunch

12:23 Flags are set.  And Charlton Historical here in force

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  1. So much for live blogging. I spent the rest of time running around. By all reports the event went off quite well.