Wednesday, January 7, 2015

America's Hitler

My friend Tom Cahill  has given me permission to republish his letters home from his voluntary exile in France. This is the fourth in the series.  It will be daily until I have caught up and then as I receive them. 

Few aristocrats and politicians throughout the history of the world ever wielded as much power and was as corrupt as Lyndon Baines Johnson who, almost a century after his death in 1973, still rules the USA and much of the world from his grave through the "shadow government" that his own criminal insanity established in his successful coup d'etat of November 22, 1963.

LBJ was more than "America's most corrupt president" or "America's first dictator."  He was truly "America's Hitler" as a growing number of people have been referring to him.  This is no exaggeration when one tallies the deaths, destruction and looting during his years in office and right up to the very present time committed by the shadow government he created and that he continues to inspire.  As former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura once said, "Whoever can get away with killing a sitting president, can get away with anything."

Johnson's worst legacy is perhaps the shadow government, a political machine that has united both major parties, Wall Street, the Pentagon, the vast intelligence community AND the mainstream (corporate-owned) media called the "military/industrial complex" by outgoing Pres. Dwight Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell address.  Another term for the shadow government might be the "corporate dictatorship" in which few faces in government change every four or eight years to maintain the illusion of democracy.  And how does one climb the ladder of power in the USA without money?  And is it not money that has neutralized the vote of the individual American?

It's taken half a century for historians to take a more critical and more accurate measure of the man but among them are Phillip F. Nelson whose latest book about Johnson is titled "LBJ: From Mastermind to 'The Colossus'" (2014).  It's hoped, of course, this expose may very well create the critical mass necessary for the truth to emerge about the JFK assassination and a lot more politico/economic outrages including the Vietnam War, Watergate, the fraudulent War on (some) Drugs, the S&L rip-off, the Iran-Contra drugs for guns scam, the first Iraq war, the 9/11 "false flag attack," the second Iraq war, right up to the most recent Wall Street looting of the world economy.

Few self-serving, world class leaders could compare to Johnson for deceit, deviousness, duplicity, treason, etc., etc. etc.    Among other things he was a master at covering-up his criminal behavior by manipulating the law as well as the media.  And his legacy and lessons have been well-received by the corporate dictatorship that one day soon may throw Johnson under the bus, so to speak, to protect it's own assets.  In spy jargon this is called a "limited hang-out," the amputation of some small portion of the truth to protect the rest of the body of lies.

I've been an LBJ watcher since junior college in Texas in 1959 when I first learned what a gangster he was.  One time I was asked to introduce Sen. Johnson to a to a school assembly, but someone else got the job when it was learned by the dean that I planned to out the Senator for his prostitution to the oil, arms and other industries.  A decade later I married a woman whose first husband worked briefly on Sen. Johnson's staff but whose uncle, Clifton Carter, was a long-time, top aide right into the White House.  Carter died young and under "mysterious circumstances" (like so many others connected to LBJ).  His death occurred not long after expressing remorse for having helped Johnson commit so many heinous crimes including the murder of LBJ's own sister, Josefa.  At about this same time Carter predicted his own murder.

And just who had the most to win if JFK died in office as well as the most to lose if the Kennedys remained in power. Johnson and pals blackmailed JFK for the position of vice-president on the Democratic Party ticket in 1960.  And Bobby Kennedy was furious.  Afterward as Attorney General, Bobby kept close tabs on LBJ especially when financial scandals such as those of Billie Sol Estes, Bobby Baker and the "TFX" (a joint Air Force/Navy fighter plane jokingly referred to by some as the "LBJ") were widely-reported in the nation's media in 1961 and 62.  By 1963, Johnson knew he was at the very least off the ticket in 1964 and probably on his way to prison for the Pandora's Box of Crimes about to opened.  So who, far more than Lee Harvey Oswald, had the motive, means and opportunity to destroy Camelot?

Think I'm spinning a yarn about Lyndon Johnson?  Just read Phil Nelson's new book.

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