Friday, January 9, 2015

LBJ Unmasked By Phil Nelson

My friend Tom Cahill  has given me permission to republish his letters home from his voluntary exile in France. This is the sixth in the series.  It will be daily until I have caught up and then as I receive them.

he murder victim named in a recent tabloid article reported to me by a friend about LBJ's role in the assassination of JFK, was probably Henry Marshall, a US Dept. Of Agriculture commissioner who discovered the Billie Sol Estes/LBJ multi-million dollar rip-off of the US government and would not be bribed.  He died  in 1962 of multiple gun shots to the chest, other injuries suggesting a struggle, and carbon monoxide was found in his lungs.  Yet the death was at first ruled a suicide.  But a Texas Ranger turned US Marshal--Clint Peoples--spent twenty or more years getting this cause of death reversed to murder.

According to a number of books I've read, LBJ had between a dozen to two dozen people killed from the time he first entered the US Senate in 1949.  Many, like Marshal,  were killed during LBJ's vice-presidency as his crimes were coming home to roost.  These include dealings with Billie Sol Estes and Bobby Baker that were making headlines all over the country.  US Atty. Gen. Bobby Kennedy knew of these crimes and may have been feeding information about them to the media that in turn was reporting the stories on front pages.  At the very least JFK was going to bump LBJ from the ticket in 1964 and Johnson knew this.  But all this information has been "disappeared" in the corporate media as well as "approved" biographies about LBJ by such authors as Robert Caro and Robert Dallek.

Among the murders LBJ PROBABLY was involved in was that of his own sister, Josefa, killed by Johnson's own personal hit man, Mac Wallace, whose fingerprints were found years later in the Book Depository after JFK was killed.  Josefa was an alcoholic and druggie with a big mouth who  knew too much about her brother.

The newly-published book I'm reading right now--"LBJ:  From Mastermind to 'The Colossus'" by Phil Nelson (2014) is by far the best on this subject.  It takes up where his first book (2010) leaves off and he quotes from many more sources than I even knew of.

And I thought I knew a lot about Johnson but it seems my 30-page work-in-progress (which I will forward again) is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.  Nelson presents much of the rest of the mass of ice and is even blowing my mind.  For instance, I have found that I was NOT exaggerating when I compared LBJ to Hitler.  They both suffered from the same megalomania and other psychological  problems.  And since LBJ continues to influence the US government, when the tally of deaths and destruction TO THIS VERY DAY  is finalized, Johnson may have out-Hitered Hitler.  This is why I called my previous e-mail "The LBJ University of Dirty Tricks."  The GANGSTA is still running the USA from the grave.  He is the mentor, the teacher of the corrupt neo-liberals and neo-cons who have been running Washington, Wall Street, the Pentagon and the intelligence community since the coup d'etat of Nov. 22, 1963.

Some of you may recall from books and films about Hitler foaming at the mouth in rage, blaming his generals for his own incompetence micromanaging the war in Europe and Russia.  Well LBJ did the same, blaming the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) for the misconduct of the war on Vietnam.

On page 348 of Phil Nelson's latest book, he quotes Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Charles G. Cooper who reported his own eyewitness account of a JCS meeting,  "Noting that it was he (LBJ) who was carrying the weight of the free world on his shoulders, he called them (the generals and admirals) filthy names--shitheads, dumb shits, pompous assholes--and used the 'F-word' as an adjective more freely than a Marine in boot camp would use it.  It was unnerving, degrading."

Admiral David McDonald said of LBJ's psychotic meltdown at this time, "It was the worst experience that I could ever imagine."

Johnson had very serious psychological problems that many on his staff including Bill Moyers recognized but all were afraid of him and did nothing.  But Phil Nelson has the quotes and the sources proving LBJ's SERIOUS emotional sickness.

How the corporate media and especially Hollywood has ignored the criminal insanity and high crimes and misdemeanors of LBJ is a wonder.  When they do and the floodgate is opened, it's going to be amazing.  For instance I suspect the corporate dictatorship--in allowing these critical books on Johnson to be published--may be trying to throw LBJ "under the bus"   to protect the remainder of their criminal empire.  If not now, then soon there might hopefully be a US Truth & Reconciliation Commission like the one that helped South Africa transition to democracy.

If you read no other book about LBJ, this is the one for you.  And you would be doing your local area a great service by encouraging your library to buy Phil Nelson's latest book.

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