Thursday, January 8, 2015

The "LBJ University of Dirty Politics"

My friend Tom Cahill  has given me permission to republish his letters home from his voluntary exile in France. This is the fifth in the series.  It will be daily until I have caught up and then as I receive them.

Can we agree that the "Military/Industrial Complex" has many names including the "shadow government," the "invisible government," and the "corporate dictatorship," the last of which  I favor?

Now for a double question a LITTLE tougher.  How could the corporate dictatorship rule so effectively for so long--since the coup d'etat of Nov. 22, 1963--to the present without the help of the corporate media (aka the "mainstream media")?   And how could the corporate-owned media (fast becoming a monopoly) be so effective in covering-up so much criminal and treasonous behavior in government without the help of "spin doctors" of the public relations firms on Madison Avenue and K Street (recommended viewing, BBC's "The Century of the Self")?

Now can we agree that Lyndon Baines Johnson, with his deep-seated psycho/spiritual illness, set the example and thus the stage for the criminally-insane rulers of the USA since his reign of treason and terror?

As I've mentioned before, I've been an LBJ watcher since 1959 and my thirty-page plus essay-in-progress since 2004 shows clearly my knowledge and disapproval of the 36th POTUS.  But since reading Phil Nelson's latest book ("LBJ: From Mastermind to 'The Colossus,'"  2014), I've become convinced that Johnson has been the mentor (teacher) of most of the Washington gang of thugs that followed him.  LBJ showed them how to maximize secrecy and subterfuge to manipulate everyone--friend and foe alike.  We might even say members of the ruling elite since 1963 have all been graduates of the "LBJ University of Dirty Politics."

So what can those of us who are nonviolent do to wake the world out of it's psychoma?  Here I can only report what I'm doing . . . promoting the use of the following (1)  a brainstorming technique taught by the San Francisco Brain Exchange, (2) establishing our own public relations firm(s) and (3) organizing a Truth & Reconciliation Commission like the one that helped South Africa transition to democracy.

So what do YOU think we can do?

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