Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mexican Police Helped Drug Cartel Massacre 314 Migrants - NationofChange

My friend Tom Cahill  has given me permission to republish his letters home from his voluntary exile in France. This is the ninth in the series and the final catch up.  New letters from Tom will go up as received.


Attached is another story that makes the best argument for decriminalizing all drugs.

Drug abuse should have been treated as a public health issue all along.  But for the 1968 Presidential election, the Nixon gang invented the "War on Drugs" to (1) politically neutralize the "counter culture,"  (2) harass the Black and Hispanic communities, (3)  make crime pay more for the criminal justice industry, (4) extort money from taxpayers for the drug war AND from big drug traffickers for campaign contributions, (5) create additional revenue for the Central Intelligence Agency, etc., etc. etc.

Gangsters in government learned from "Prohibition" (of alcohol)  from 1920 to 1933 that the crimes (murder, money-laundering, corruption of government officials including police etc., etc., etc.)  affecting MANY caused by this foolish law were far worse than the alcohol abuse of a FEW.
So with the help of the public relations and advertising industry, they have been running a vicious racket that has run amok in Mexico and other countries.

But you know all this.  I'm just enraged at the damage to the entire world done by the ghost of Lyndon Johnson, creator of the U.S. corporate dictatorship.

Tom Cahill

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